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Welcome to the Kingsley House, Inc. Strategic Plan Portal

KH is excited to launch its strategic planning process that will shape the future of the agency for the next three to five years. Our consulting partner, trepwise, is a local organization with experience conducting planning and facilitation exercises for several local nonprofit organizations.

When done well, strategic planning includes the voices of multiple internal and external stakeholders throughout the process. We look forward to engaging with participants, staff, community partners, and colleagues of other organizations within the next several months. That effort will serve as the foundation for the vision, innovation, and commitment necessary for aligning our mission and service to the uplift of families in this community for the next several years.

Arnel W. Cosey, Ph.D, Strategy and Impact Officer

Meet Our Strategic Partner

We are enthusiastic to be partnering with KH to build a multi-year strategic plan. At trepwise, we specialize in people-centered planning processes for purpose-driven organizations. KH has a track record of impactful work here in our New Orleans community over the past 125 years, and we look forward to collaboratively charting years 126, 127, 128, and onward. A plan is only as successful as the insights that shape it, so we encourage everyone: participants, staff, supporters, and key partners, to plug in and engage in this process and not to hesitate to reach out to me ( and our planning team with any feedback or questions.

Isaac McDonald, Director of Impact and Planning

Phase 1 Deliverables

  • Discovery Plan includes an overview of chosen methodology and detailed set of questions for stakeholder engagement.
  • Discovery Report synthesizes findings from stakeholder engagement, including: survey results, focus group outputs, a SWOT analysis, and a set of recommended areas for future inquiry during the planning process.

    Phase 2 Deliverables

    • Working Session Plan is a clear articulation of the decision-making process and related workstreams.
    • 3-5 year Strategic Framework  –  the final set of strategic priorities, cascaded into sequenced initiatives and supported by an actionable funding strategy.


    Phase 1: Discover

    June – August

    This phase of the process is rooted in user insights that incorporates input from a wide array of stakeholders. The discovery phase will begin with a review of existing documents to gain context on the current programmatic footprint and historical efforts at community input and feedback. This information will be used to develop a Discovery Plan that will outline how trepwise will utilize surveys, focus groups, and interviews to pull in perspectives from KH Board, KH Staff, Community Partners, and Program Participants. Funders and other organizations may be engaged, as appropriate.

    A steering committee, whose insights will be used to inform and revise the Discovery Plan, will also be formed in this phase. This committee will serve as the decision-making body for the planning process, with touch points throughout. Insights from discovery will be compiled into a Discovery Report, combining qualitative and quantitative analysis to generate data-informed and actionable insights. This report will be presented to the committee for discussion, which will inform the content for Phase 2 working sessions and a final document versioned for the Board and other appropriate parties.

    Phase 2: Plan

    August – September

    The trepwise team will facilitate a series of four working sessions with the steering committee focused on developing strategic priorities and then determining how best to operationalize them through clear role definition, sequencing, and funding. A potential set of topics of the four sessions might include:

    • Defining Strategic Priorities
    •  Partnerships & Collaboration
    •  Initiative Prioritization & Sequencing 
    • Costing the Plan & Funding Strategy

    The committee and trepwise will build the plan throughout these meetings and synthesize content into the Strategic Framework for presentation to the Board. Each of these working sessions will require pre-work, which will be done in concert with individuals from the KH staff or board with relevant expertise.

    Planning Documents

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